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Around the
World in 80 Artists


The first book written by the singer-songwriter and guitarist
Badi Assad brings 80 chronicles about musicians, from every corner of the world, who influenced her life and career.


The preface is from her musical partner Chico César, who announces that this book carries something more
than music; there is affection, humanity, and sparks
of the soul and sounds of the world.


Badi Assad invites a tour of the world by 80 musicians from
all continents and wherever her travels with her music took her. "It's not exactly about music, or musicians this journey around the world. It's about life, multiple themselves and diverse experience," describes Chico.


This literary journey began when Badi was invited to write a musical column for TOP Magazine's blog. It was two years dedicated to research and a careful look at different works. When the idea for the book came up, she realized that she could interweave a little of her own experience accumulated
over 30 years of a music career. Badi crossed the ocean
so many times and passed through countless countries, experiencing different cultures and styles.


In this way, the book became not only a tribute to artists from different corners, ethnicities, and eras but also a way of documenting her connection with all of them, the admiration and the impact they had on her personal and professional journey. They were the ones who, after all, contributed to shaping her as a citizen of the world. Some as an inspiring source and others in real stories of work and life; but all
are in a commonplace, which is the author's effective universe.


These 80 artists, from Africa, the Americas, Europe, Asia,
and Oceania, include names such as Amina Annabi (Tunisia), Sting (England), Astor Piazzolla (Argentina), Tori Amos (USA), Lorde (New Zealand), Kodo (Japan), Hozier (Ireland), Björk (Iceland) and Paco de Lucía (Spain). From Brazil, Elza Soares, Naná Vasconcelos, Ney Matogrosso, Marlui Miranda,
Egberto Gismonti, Filipe Catto, and Inezita Barroso, etc.


Along with the book publication Badi Assad created
the show "Around the World in 80 Artists" with a repertoire based on this same universe, with authorial songs, fresh
re-readings and some already recorded on one
of her 15 albums released around the world

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