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Badi Assad
Around the World in 80 Artists



Badi presents on her tour 'Around the World in 80 Artists' show based on the release of her first book of the same name "Around the World in 80 Artists". The show, directed by Xarlô, and costume design by Karla Pessoa, brings some of the stories about music artists from different parts of the world, including the ones Badi experienced in the many trips she made in almost 30 years of an international career.


In the repertoire, songs of different styles and ethnicities, Badi also sings in different languages ​​- authorial compositions, partnerships, personal musical reinterpretation or songs that she already recorded on more than 14 albums released worldwide, among them: O Barco Daqui de Dentro (Badi Assad), Zoar (Badi Assad & Chico César/Brazil), Bachelorette (Bjork/Iceland), Believe it or Not (Lenine and Braulio Tavares/Brazil), Hunger of the Pine (Allt-J/England) and Millones (Camila Moreno/Chile). All inspired by the content covered in her writing.


The book, released by the publisher Pólen Livros and with a preface by Chico César, features chronicles about musicians from every corner of the world. Among the 80 artists from Africa, the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, there are names of different generations and styles, such as Amina Annabi (Tunisia), Sting (England), Astor Piazzolla (Argentina), Tori Amos (USA), Lorde ( New Zealand), Kodo (Japan), Hozier (Ireland), Björk (Iceland) and Paco de Lucía (Spain). From Brazil, Elza Soares, Naná Vasconcelos, Ney Matogrosso, Marlui Miranda, Egberto Gismonti, Filipe Catto, etc.

The House Sings

The The House Sings album shares a possible daily life of a child, through the magical world of a house made entirely of musical instruments.

All songs were composed by Badi and inspired during the early years of Sofia's life, her first daughter. The themes address from the time the child wakes up to when he goes to sleep, always presented in a fun way, sharing ideas and ideals of interests such as: respect for life, healthy eating, hygiene, sustainability, recycling, among others.

The CD follows the plot of the show-theatrical, of the same name, intending to awaken
in the child audience the interest and subsequent questioning on the topics covered.

All the songs from “The House Sings” are played only, in addition to the conventional guitar, ukulele and double bass, with percussive instruments built from what naturally already exists in the rooms of a house:

The songs of waking up and sleeping (Early in the morning, Bicharada, On daddy's lap) take place in the room, where Badi uses the ukulele, as if it were another of the sound toys used, as well as an instrument made especially for the show by luthier Jamil Giúdice, built with pet bottles that are fine-tuned with air (!); The songs that take place in the bathroom (Salvador, What's in the water?) Are played with instruments made using construction materials, also built by Jamil, such as PVC pipes, copper flutes, sinks, etc; The songs about food (breakfast, what are you hungry for?) Happen in the kitchen and dishes, pots, pans, tuned glasses, water drums are used;

The opening song 'O chocoalho', which talks about cleaning, is all played with brooms, dusters, tambourine made of a small flower vase and a double bass built with a bucket and broom handle, nicknamed a counter-bucket. In addition to these environments, there are still songs that happen in the living room and in the yard, always following the same idea of reasoning and construction.

For this project, Badi called the renowned multi-insturmentists Ricardo Prado (bass) and Guilherme Kastrup (various percussions) to help her with sound construction and arrangements. Badi also had the special participation of M arcelo Pretto and the sisters Sophia and Irina Alfonso (different voices), Marcelo Rodrigues (Gaita) and Sofia Assad Vakros , singing a mother and daughter duet ...

Acting as a music producer for the first time, Badi returns to the scene with her
first project dedicated to children, and the second of its Four Winds stamp.

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