Another Single on the way, 
arriving on all digital
platforms tomorrow! 
June 10th


FRUTO is a song I wrote in partnership
with the great Brazilian
singer-songwriter Lucina.


listen FRUTO here


Yin and Yang, Feminine and Masculine. 
Do opposites attract, complement
or are they the same?


I'll wait for your feedback!


Oh! In July, the entire album ILHA,
my 20th, will arrive! 😊


Warm kisses,

Badi Assad


I am pleased to inform you that I am releasing the first single ETERNO from my new album ILHA, now,

this Thursday - May 26th

Can I count on you to help
with the launch process?

Just choose your favorite digital platform,
pre-save it,

and be ready to listen to it very soon :)

These logarithms need
to know we're friends ❤

Here is the link to the pre-save ;)




May agenda, to warm my heart!  

And how lucky to be able to count on the warmth of yours 🌻😍



14th at 21h - inside the Municipal Circuit of Culture -
Presentation of the free show with a repertoire honoring
the redneck interior - that dwells in us 🌻
  at the Paulo Eiro Theater
(with percussionist Priscila Brigante )


26th - LAUNCH of ETERNO -
1st single from the album ILHA (on all digital platforms)


27th, 28th and 29th - I will be a judge at BDMG -
Instrumental Music Festival , in BH ( https://bdmgcultural.mg.gov.br/ )




My book AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 ARTISTS , won an ebook version Take the opportunity to get yours ;)  

Available on Amazon, Kobo, Google Play and Apple


my kisses

Badi Assad


In this movement in front of the
lenses of the photographer
Gal Oppido, I come to tell you some VERY SPECIAL news...

My new ALBUM is coming!

Dear friends,


A quick message: I'm arriving in the US this weekend!

It's going to be a short trip, but... I'll be happy to see you there   😊

March 5th - At the charming Piedmont Piano Company @ 5pm, in Oakland/CA 


Get your Ticket Here

March 8th - I'll film (in LA) a masterclass for the great guitar website  Tonebase.co  


Stay tuned!

March 18th - I'll open the SPA City Guitar Festival, in Saratoga Springs/NY @ 8pm


That's it

In May I'll be back!

Thank you 

Warm kisses from Brazil



Day16 - Hybrid University of Rhode Island Guitar Festival 2021 at 7:30 pm (RI/USA)


Day 23 - 44th FIMUV - Cineteatro António Lamoso @9pm (Santa Maria da Feira/Portugal)



I’m so happy to let you know that 

The Walls Project is finally ready to release!

And it's going to be tomorrow!


But first... What is it? Please, write it down: The music is a Cello Concert, written by my brother Sergio Assad. Who is the cellist invited? Yo-Yo-Ma, Yes, 'the' Yo-Yo-Ma. The idea is to confront the walls that were built along the centuries and all over the world. 


The Orquestra was created with guitar players from all of the places the walls were built: each piece was performed by guitarists from the same regions.


It's unbelievably beautiful and profound. 

There are 5 pieces: 

I. Great Wall of China 

II. Hadrian’s Wall 

III. Berlin Wall 

IV. Middle Eastern Walls

V. No More Walls 


Check out what Yo-Yo-Ma wrote to all of us that played along with him:


To my dear colleagues,


Through sharing your talents collaboratively, together you have created music that spans millennia and across continents, yes, even virtually breaking down historical and present-day walls.

Thank you for devoting your talents and time to making this recording.

I am honored and grateful to be part of it. 


With admiration and appreciation,


Yo-Yo Ma


YES! I'm very proud to be part of it.


Please make sure to follow the link below and set the reminder for the PREMIER!!! and if possible ask your circles to do the same. All of us (including Sergio, Yo-Yo, and myself) will be watching together and interacting in the chat. 


Premiere Link


What time?

Thursday, 7th October at:

12pm (noon) Los Angeles time

3pm New York time

8pm London time

21:00 Berlin time


Friday, 8th October at:

3am Beijing time

4am Tokyo time


The production of sound and video was done by the amazing and talent Uroš Barič


Thank you!


Best wishes,

Badi Assad

Badi Assad Grog Shop poster1.jpg

BADI will also

perform at BOB STOP

Music Settlement

on Sunday (July 25th)

@ 3 pm

2920 Detroit Ave, Cleveland

PLEASE, let your

friends KNOW!

volta ao mundo.jpg

Loves, I hope you are all well!

C regressive ounting the release of the EP

'Around the World with Guests'!

If you

followed, liked and shared

the Series on Youtube ,

Now they will be able to

listen, like and share
also on Spotify


Made with a lot of love and affection.

What a joy to materialize another sound!

Day 9, will be on all digital platforms!
But by doing the pre-save on the link below, you can help our music
go further, in virtual algorithms.

With me: Fernandinho Beatbox, Swami Jr, Carlinhos Antunes,

Lívia Mattos and Marcelo Pretto.


I hope you like it and thank you so much for your strength and attention!

Hugs a thousand!

Badi Assad

Blood Donation

Today begins what is called the 'Red June' in Brazil, which aims to encourage the spirit of solidarity

regarding blood donation. Even more so at this time in history when fear of the pandemic drove

donors away from collection points. The blood supply has dropped considerably. I know that

this song I chose 'The Latin Blood' (released on the first album of the greatest Brazilian

band Secos & Molhados, by João Ricardo and Paulinho Mendonça) does not have to do directly

with blood donation, but when we decouple it and look at the chosen excerpt: There are so many dead people and our soul like that, captive, imprisoned in the sea of so many crooked paths... I couldn't help it.

So I sing it to encourage you to donate your blood, literally,

to prevent deaths that are not linked to Covid.

I can't do it myself, as I had hepatitis, but CONSIDER! Meanwhile, what I can do is sing. Since, in the context of blood donation, anxiety exerts a negative influence and may increase the likelihood of pain caused by venipuncture. And... Music is seen as a strategy to reduce the donor's distress. 

"I broke treaties, betrayed the rites, broke the spear, launched into space a scream, an outburst ."

If you liked the message... Help to spread it by sharing?

save the datesite.jpg

Once again, this amazing program is going to be shared! 


If you didn't have a chance to see it last December, now it's your chance to be with
us and to share your support and love.


The experience of our Genesis at the Crossroads’ Sounds of Healing program is unique. 
It's difficult and hard to acknowledge how broken the world still feels – and this program
has something to help ease the pain and to renew ourselves. 
There is no more important a conversation for the world today than one for and about healing.


Registration is now open for May 22nd at  https://soundsofhealing.gatc.org/ 

(The link will be live until May 29th.)


Please share it with others, but kindly ask them to register independently. 
Here is the teaser from our Dec. 19th program:



Genesis at the Crossroads builds peaceful communities at the intersection
of social justice, education, and the arts. Genesis has been doing this
work for 20 years locally in Chicago, nationally, and globally. 
This is the first virtual program out of the Genesis Peace Hub.

May 22, 2021 – 8 PM CST (GMT-6),

Online (Link will be live through May 30th)
Los Angeles: 6 PM, NYC: 9 PM, Sao Paulo: 10 PM, London: 2AM, Beijing: 11AM


Warm regards,


Badi insta.png
Screen Shot 2021-01-04 at 6.15.27 PM.png
Sounds of Healing as of 11.10.20.png
horizontal QR code_Badi_v2.jpg



Despite all the world troubles, questions, doubts...
One of the few things we're sure of is that
Actually, it is what has been helping our spirit
to keep up with all this chaos.


That said I want to invite you to share some journeys with me. Let's go?


Nov 6th 

Friday @ 4pm UTC-03 (Brazil time)

Badi Assad / Online for the German Project Worldwide Wo+men in Concert 


Nov 8th 

Sunday @ 10am UTC-03 (Brazil time)

Badi speaks at the 3rd World Parlament on Spirituality 

Register NOW http://www.bit.ly/Wps-southamerica


Nov 10th

Tuesday @ 9pm UTC-03 (Brazil time)

Badi speaks about her latest CD Around the World with Katia Moraes

@brazilianheartmusickatiamoraes  (Instagram)


Nov 20st

Friday @ 7pm  UTC-03 (Brazil time)

Youtube Live concert for the project 'Inspiration' by greatest Brazilian Nelson Faria's channel 'Um café lá em casa'. Um café lá em casa


AND>>> If you still didn't check it out: My new CD 
AROUND THE WORLD is a great way to go around the world
in a very fast and unusual way.
Don't miss it 😊😘





Warm regards and wishes of good physical,
mental and spiritual health in this moment of so many reflections...
We need to vibrate positively to face it all.

Take good care of yourself,

Badi Assad

Around the World

Capa_Volta ao mundo.jpg

‘Around the World in 80 Artists' started as a blog, which became a book, toured Brazil as a concert and ends its cycle now... with the release of the CD  'Around the World'. A project that brought me a lot of joy by making it possible to share my diverse influences, ways of seeing the world, international trips, behind the scenes and particularities, something that, in a certain way, was unknown to my audience. This repertoire synthesizes a journey around the world with an opened sight, mixing sounds with freedom, and breaking down any possible borders and prejudices. They are sounds from different eras that, through an essential foundation, belong to the same universe, that of music. The way I look at these songs is devotional, but, I confess, the moment I interpret them, they become a little bit mine as well. "


'The invitation to record this album in Berkeley / CA came from the owner of Historic Studio, Ricky Fataar. Ricky and I met during a performance of mine in San Francisco (Jan/2018), in the middle of the American winter. As he is a drummer (from Bonnie Raitt, by the way), he was intrigued by my rhythmic adventures, the ability to coordinate the use of voice and guitar, and my emotions. 


In January of the following year, I would perform again around San Francisco, and he, knowing this, sent me an invitation to record there, through a mutual friend, Camille LeBlanc. (Note: when Ricky is away from the countless tours with Bonnie, he likes to open his studio for special projects). When I heard about the invitation, it was very close to my travel date. Then I knew I would not be able to prepare anything new in such a short period time. Then I thought it would be incredible if I could record the repertoire of  'Around the world in 80 Artists,' in its SOLO format.


Originally I had not planned to launch this project in an audio format, as I had already circulated with it a lot in Brazil, but that was how destine gave me this possibility of recording myself Solo (something I did only once, on the occasion of my debut album by Chesky Records 'SOLO' 1994), at the studio of such a beloved person, showered with technical and genial qualities. 


Later, Wulf Muller, who worked on the launch of Chameleon (1998) worldwide, he asked what was new in my world. And that was how the 'Around the World' audios, through Wulf, encouraged me not to just launch the project digitally (something I had previously imagined) but also physically. Consequently, the North American record company Ropeadope (based in Philadelphia), became interested in the project and, Voilà ... My adventures around the world now presents itself in music." 

Check it out

What is the Badi
Music Web-series?

Badi Music is a series of episodes with different creative ideas, which were developed by Badi Assad throughout her career. Ideas that inspired, even, the nickname received by the American critic of 'One Woman Band', at the beginning of her career. They are creations that arose through her natural curiosity to expand the integration with the guitar, voice, the universe of percussion, and exploration as a solo performer. All of this is carried out simultaneously, without a hierarchy of preferences.


The series is initially presented in 12 episodes, divided into two seasons, all presented by Badi.


While still young, Badi discovered that the guitar could be more than a melodic and harmonic instrument. It was capable of being explored as a percussive instrument; be used as a double bass, playing it with one hand while the other, free, could play other instruments; or even be used as if it were a prepared piano, through the use (and relative interference) of organic objects, which modify its natural timbre, generating sound multiplicities, at the same time that calls for creative motor coordination.


In parallel, Badi began to investigate the voice as an instrument of multiple capacities and, in this discovery, ethnic sounds and percussive timbres began to populate her musical universe, causing the natural evolution of a very personal vocal style, where she mixes, for example, the melodic singing to the simultaneous sound of vocal percussion, as an illusionist trick.



This “One Woman Band” then came naturally and, since it emerged, Badi's music has never stopped traveling unusual paths full of experimental nuances and singular discoveries, which ended up becoming a reference.



Badi Music concentrates in one place - the Badi Assad channel on Youtube, the entire arsenal of her inventiveness. In the future, Badi will launch an online course for those who are interested in each of these specific techniques, which were developed to materialize her musical elaborations.