What is the Badi
Music Web-series?

Badi Music is a series of episodes with different creative ideas, which were developed by Badi Assad throughout her career. Ideas that inspired, even, the nickname received by the American critic of 'One Woman Band', at the beginning of her career. They are creations that arose through her natural curiosity to expand the integration with the guitar, voice, the universe of percussion, and exploration as a solo performer. All of this is carried out simultaneously, without a hierarchy of preferences.


The series is initially presented in 12 episodes, divided into two seasons, all presented by Badi.


While still young, Badi discovered that the guitar could be more than a melodic and harmonic instrument. It was capable of being explored as a percussive instrument; be used as a double bass, playing it with one hand while the other, free, could play other instruments; or even be used as if it were a prepared piano, through the use (and relative interference) of organic objects, which modify its natural timbre, generating sound multiplicities, at the same time that calls for creative motor coordination.


In parallel, Badi began to investigate the voice as an instrument of multiple capacities and, in this discovery, ethnic sounds and percussive timbres began to populate her musical universe, causing the natural evolution of a very personal vocal style, where she mixes, for example, the melodic singing to the simultaneous sound of vocal percussion, as an illusionist trick.



This “One Woman Band” then came naturally and, since it emerged, Badi's music has never stopped traveling unusual paths full of experimental nuances and singular discoveries, which ended up becoming a reference.



Badi Music concentrates in one place - the Badi Assad channel on Youtube, the entire arsenal of her inventiveness. In the future, Badi will launch an online course for those who are interested in each of these specific techniques, which were developed to materialize her musical elaborations.

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