Singer, Guitarist, Composer

    Virtuous guitarist, singer, vocal juggler and songwriter, Badi Assad has emerged as one of the most versatile artists of her generation. With 18 albums released worldwide and over 40 countries visited, her 2006 CD Wonderland was selected among the top 100 by the prestigious BBC London  and was also included in the top 30 on

    Embraced by labels such as Verve (Universal) and eDGe Music (Deutsche Grammophon), she has performed at numerous international shows over the past two decades, including groundbreaking collaborations with Bobby McFerrin, Yo-Yo-Ma and David Broza, among others. Badi has also performed at some of the most prestigious international festivals, including North Sea Jazz (NE), Jarazum Jazz (KOR) and at theaters such as L'Opera de Paris (FR), Palais de Beaux-Arts (BE) and Metropolitan Museum of Art from New York (USA) ...

       Some of their songs reached the Top 10 in Europe: their hit song Waves was featured on the soundtrack of It Runs in the Family, with Michael and Kirk Douglas. In 2004, with the release of Three Guitars, she toured the world with guitar legends Larry Coryell and John Abercrombie.  In 2005 he joined his brothers, parents and nephews for the live recording of A Brazilian Songbook and DVD Um Momento de Amor, by the Belgian label GHA.  

      In 2006, he started a new project with his brothers, the famous Duo Assad, masters of classical guitar. In 2007 Sofia, their first child, was born and Badi retired. Still under the effects of motherhood, he was responsible for the soundtrack of the children's play Convocadores de Estrelas, by the group Seres de Luz, lent his voice to Barulhinho Ruim, theme song for the character Bel, created especially for the re-release of Vila Sésamo, on TV Cultura ( BR) and with Naná Vasconcelos composed the soundtrack for the documentary Children of the Amazon, by filmmaker Denise Zmekhol.


      In 2010 Badi released, through Biscoito Fino, the DVD Badi Assad, celebrating the first 20 years of his career. In the same period, Badi was invited to be the protagonist of the contemporary opera Ópera das Pedras, in São Paulo, directed by Denise Milan and the American Lee Breuer (Mabou Mines).


     In July 2011, the Assad Festival was created to honor the family's work as ambassadors of Brazilian music around the world.


    The following year, he released Between Love and Luck, his first independent album for his own label, for which he received the award for Best Composer of the Year (APCA). Her song Pega no Coco won First Place for Best Song in World Music at the USA International Songwriting Competition.

     In July of that same year, Badi with voice, guitar and kalimba, presented live the entire repertoire of his CD Verde for the Companhia de Dança Baiana do Teatro Municipal (BTCA), at the Venice Biennale, Italy. Rolling Stone magazine selected her among the 70 best masters in the history of Brazilian guitar and guitar.


     In January 2014, she was hired by the Guitar Festival Marathon in New York to compose the soundtrack for the screening of the silent Chinese film The Goddess (1934).

    Invited to also act in the role of Festival curator, Badi not only performed her composition live at New York's Merkin Hall, but also received a New York Times spotlight as Best Night of the Festival. Cantos de Casa, his first CD dedicated to children, won the Cata-Vento Trophy for Best CD of the Year.

   In 2015, Badi was invited to work with the Chicago-based organization GATC (Genesis at the Crossroads), which is primarily focused on building world peace. With them Badi integrates, as a guitarist
and vocalist, the multicultural group Saffron Caravan, alongside Moroccan vocalist Aaron Besoussan, Israeli-Arab lute virtuoso Haytham Safia and Venezuelan percussionist Javier Saumme. In addition, she serves as a speaker at GTCA's roundtables on arts and conflict transformation, as well as being responsible for the music program for the Genesis Academy Summer Institute, a leadership training and peacebuilding educational program for international youth from areas of conflict.

   In 2016,  Hatched received critical acclaim for bringing a 'Brazilianized' way of interpreting world hits from some modern icons, including Lorde and Skrillex.

      In 2018, he released his first book, Around the World in 80 Artists (Pólen Livros), with a show of the same name. It was also this year that Badi was invited to join the Stringshot project, recording with legendary blues guitarist Roy Rogers and virtuoso harpist and violinist Carlos Reyes.  

      The film, BADI, directed by Edu Felistoque, was named Best Film by The FestCine Maracanaú in Fortaleza, had its international premiere at Summer Brazil Summer 2018 in New York and in December won as  Best Documentary at LABAFF (Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival).

     In June 2020 it was  selected to participate in the prestigious 'Festival du Cinéma de Paris' (2020). 


Badi Assad 
Around the World in 80 Artists


    Badi presents on his tour 'Around the World in 80 Artists' show based on the release  of  your  first  homonymous book "Around the World in 80 Artists".  The show, with general direction by Xarlô, costumes by Karla Pessoa and lighting by Silvestre Júnior, brings some  of the  stories about  artists  gives  song  in  different parts of the world, including those that  badi  experienced in  so many  trips  what  did  in  almost  30  years old  in  career  International.  


     In the repertoire, music of different styles and ethnicities, Badi also sings in different languages - authorial compositions,  partnerships,  rereadings  fresh  or  already recorded  US  more than 14 albums released around the world, including: O Barco Daqui de Dentro (Badi Assad), Zoar (Badi Assad and Chico César), Saudade Verdade e Sorte (Badi Assad and Pedro Luís), Bachelorette (Bjork),  Believe  or not  (Lenine and Braulio Tavares),  Hunger  of  the pine  (Allt-J) and  milones  (Camila Moreno).  Everything  inspired  at the  contents  what  is the embroidery  in  your  book.  


     The book,  released by the publisher Polen Books  and with a preface by Chico César,  brings chronicles about  Music artists from every corner of the world. Among the 80 artists from Africa, the Americas,  Europe, Asia and Oceania, appear names from different generations and styles, such as Amina  Annabi  (Tunisia),  Sting (England),  Astor Piazzolla (Argentina), Tori Amos (USA), Lorde (New Zealand), Kodo (Japan), Hozier (Ireland), Björk (Iceland) and Paco de Lucía (Spain). From Brazil, Elza Soares, Naná Vasconcelos, Ney Matogrosso, Fernanda Takai, Marlui  Miranda,  Egberto Gismonti,  Filipe Catto,  Inezita Barroso,  etc. 


The album  house corners  shares a possible daily life of a child, through the magical world of a house made entirely of musical instruments.  

All songs were composed by  badi  and inspired during the early years of Sofia's life, her first child. The themes cover from the time the child wakes up to when they go to sleep, always presented in a fun way, sharing ideas and ideals of interests such as: respect for life, healthy eating, hygiene, sustainability, recycling, among others.  

The CD follows the plot of the theatrical show, of the same name, intending to awaken
in the children's audience, the interest and subsequent questioning about the topics covered.

All the songs in “Cantos de Casa” are played only, in addition to the conventional guitar, ukulele and double bass, with percussive instruments built from what naturally already exists in the rooms of a house:

The waking up and sleeping songs (In the morning, Bicharada, On dad's lap) take place in the bedroom, where Badi uses the ukulele, as if it were one of the sound toys used, as well as an instrument made especially for the show by luthier Jamil Giúdice, built with pet bottles that are tuned with air (!); The songs that take place in the bathroom (Salvador, What's the water?) are played with instruments made using construction materials, also constructed by Jamil, such as pvc pipes, copper flutes, sinks, etc; Songs about food (Breakfast, What are you hungry for?) take place in the kitchen and use dishes, pots, pans, tuned glasses, water drums, etc;  

The opening song 'O chocoalho', which talks about cleanliness, is all played with brooms, dusters, a tambourine made from a flower vase dish and a double bass made with a bucket and broom handle, nicknamed a counter-bucket. In addition to these environments, there are also songs that take place in the living room and in the backyard, always following the same idea of reasoning and construction.  

For this project Badi called the renowned multi-instrumentalists  Ricardo Prado  (upright bass) and  William Kastrup  (various percussions) to help her with sound construction and arrangements.  badi  also had the special participation of M arcelo Pretto  and the sisters  Sophia  and  Irina Alfonso (several voices),  Marcelo Rodrigues  (Harmonica) and  Sofia Assad Vakros , singing a mother-daughter duet...  

Acting as a music producer for the first time,  badi  come back to the scene with your
first project dedicated to children, and the second of its
  Four Winds .